Revenge of the Tide By Elizabeth Haynes

Revenge of the Tide is Elizabeth Haynes second novel and came out in the UK in March 2012. Genevieve Shipley is living on a boat, she is renovating it like her father and herself had always imagined. However things get a bit suspicious when Genevieve finds a body next to her barge. Like Elizabeth Haynes first novel – Into the Darkness – time shifts between the present and Genevieve’s past. Unlike Into the Darkness there is no indication when you are moving from past to present and vice-versa. This doesn’t however cause that much problem once you get into the book, you quickly notice the shift. There is many questions that arise but all come nicely together by the end of the novel. Why is she living on a boat? Why dose she lie to the police? What is in the package that she is hiding? What did she get herself into when she worked in London at the Barcleys – a strip/pole dancing club.

I loved this novel. It was paced well and kept spinning in new questions while not neglecting to answer previous ones. Elizabeth Haynes style of switching between past and present interests me and helps you understand why her present character is as it is. I would class this as a light thriller and would recommend it, more so to females than males.