Cafe du Jour By Lilian Darcy

This is not the typical book I would normally pick up – mainly the cover made me think it was more of a chick-lit, light-romance novel. However I was pleasantly surprised with the layers involved in Cafe du Jour.

Susie is a chef, a girlfriend, a sister and a daughter. Her career is at a standstill as the restaurant she works at is barely scraping by. Her boyfriend of four years is always traveling and is now starting a new-age type course to help people ‘grow’, much to Susie’s annoyance. Her sister, Karen, has been in a serious motorbike accident and is in hospital receiving rehab. Her parents only see her when she is visiting her sister in hospital and they have a strained relationship with a lack of ability to share their feelings. Her boss, Julie, treats her like a daughter but can this relationship hold when the restaurant is taken over by Julies son?

There are many little stories within this book and each one has it’s own path leading to Susie’s growth and change of directions. It is written in a diary style, though it doesn’t feel like that when you are reading it, for the benefit of Karen so she can learn what was happening while she was recovering from her serious accident.

This is a nice book about ones journey in discovering who are your real friends and what really matters in life.

I will rate it 3.5 stars and describe it as a ‘pool side book’ – one for your holidays!

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