The Earth Hums in B Flat By Mari Strachan

I had wanted to read this book after seeing it reviewed in a Waterstones store about a year ago. I took advantage in an online offer and got reading it that very day. I loved the writing, the narrator, Gwenie, is a naive 12 year old girl whom lives in a crowded Welsh house lacking any comforts. Her imaginative nature and ability to see things in a way only children can is a constant frustration to her mother.
We soon learn a member of the community has been found dead and a more sinister twist emerges in the novel, Gwenie trying to figure out what happened while unearthing family ‘secrets’ which her mother can’t bear to be revealed.
To me this book was written beautifully and I think it was that which pulled me through to the end. I worked out quickly what had happened to the man and Gwenie’s family and thus was shocked when there was nothing else and I had just been reading words which didn’t take me anywhere.

I would say read if you like beautiful writing but if you need a good plot to take to the end maybe give this a miss.


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