Into the Darkest Corner By Elizabeth Haynes

Elizabeth Haynes debut novel and a fantastic one at that! Switching between the past and present of Catherine’s life. In the past she is outgoing, wearing beautiful party dresses, drinking, and flirtatious. Now she is living with severe OCD and can barely function. Spending most evenings checking and rechecking her doors and windows.

Both times have love interests. Lee, a bouncer, undercover police officer and general hard man. And Stuart her new neighbor, is understanding and helps Catherine beginning the road to recovery and a step back into a social life.

As the novel progresses we get a real insight to why Catherine has developed OCD and that the facade which Lee had fooled everyone.

A psychological thriller which demonstrates true understanding and sound research into the subject matter. You will not be able to put it down!

A fantastic novel and a excellent debut.

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