The State of Me By Nasim Marie Jafry

   ME is a debilitating illness which often is misunderstood. This novel, based on the authors own experience is a great insight into the bumpy road many ME sufferers have had.

When in France on her year abroad for university Helen starts to become ill to the point she leaves early returning home. After doctors appointment after doctors appointment and no diagnosis and nothing to make her feel better. Eventually receiving a diagnosis of ME she begins different therapies with no avail. Along with this she must deal with the many people and professionals who ‘don’t believe in ME’ and criticize her of being lazy or depressed and needing to just do the therapy and get on with her life. But she continues to explain all she wants is to complete her degree, get a job, and live independently rather than living with her mother and step father, relying on benefits.

This is an informative book showing the true pains ME suffers have to go through along with the misunderstandings they had to fight against from professionals and lay people. It shows the true courage and will power Helen has.

Definitely a book worth reading. In-fact everyone must read this book to increase awareness of the true debilitating nature of ME.


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