Broken Places By Wendy Perriam

    I read this novel while on holiday, relaxing on an amazing hammock chair that hung from a tree, it was relaxing and added to my enjoyment of this book.

Divorced, his daughter now eleven hours away on a plane, constant walls in his way at work, and a pretty drab flat in a drab area. Life is unfair.

Things don’t seem to be going too great for Eric Parkhill. His phobias stop him from doing much, and are the reason his marriage eventually failed. But phobias can be tackled and faced. And in this book we see true courage a father musters in attempt to see and save his daughter, whose life is taking a turn for the worst.

We see a man, a foundling, who has no real knowledge of his beginnings taking a a wide step from his comfort circle to learn new things. No longer running away from things that cause extreme anxiety.

One thing about this that I loved was the fact that Eric is a Librarian and is constantly trying to get funding to allow those disadvantaged access to books and a forum to discuss such books. Any novel which has a lot to do about books always sucks me in! It’s a weakness!

There is a story of his past. A story of the beginning. A story of his future. And a story right now. You will feel for Eric but you will also want to tell him to ‘GET A GRIP’ but it is a book about a human, he has flaws, and has his positives. You see a man grow.

This is a lovely book which I would give 3.5 stars in total. It has a good ideas but has its points where you do have to push yourself through. All in all a good read.


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