A Voice in the Distance By Tabitha Suzuma

  ‘A Voice in the Distance’ is the companion novel for ‘A Note of Madness‘.

Now in his final year at the Royal Collage of Music, Flynn is under more stress than ever before. His bipolar disorder begins to rear its ugly head again and is worse than it was before. Becoming manic very quickly and forcing his friends to phone for an ambulance and police he is saved from being sectioned (detained in hospital) due to his older brother. His ‘perfect’ older brother, who is a doctor, promises to take care of him and make sure he takes his medication.

It is difficult being a young adult at university/collage never mind being a young adult with a mental health problem who also has to cope with the pressures of collage and the competitive nature of the Royal Collage of Music. These pressures continue to erupt for Flynn and his mental health deteriorates again, this time he is hospitalized, putting pressures on all his relationships. Manic to the extent his girlfriend is frightened of his behavior and struggles to cope. His friendships are put on the line.

The problem with bipolar disorder is the Depression that so often follows the Mania. Here we say the destruction in a darker light. We see the struggles of those who love Flynn and the unbearable pain and devastation Bipolar can leave in its wake.

A fantastic novel for any one interested in mental illness. The music side also kept me interested as I once was a trumpet player, though I can imagine some people disliking this side. A young adult novel and a great conclusion to ‘A Note of Madness‘.

This novel looks more at Flynn’s manic side and thus has a different feel to ‘A Note of Madness‘ and therefore is not a rehash of the first novel.

I gave ‘A Note of Madness‘ 5 out of 5. I say ‘A Voice in the Distance’ is even better and again must be a 5 out of 5.


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