The Girl on Paper By Guillaume Musso

  Have you ever felt that the characters just ‘jump off the page’? Well in this book author Tom Boyd’s character literately appears, fallen from a page of the book.

Tom has severe writers block and after his bestsellers he is unable to write another book even though his fans are crying out to him for one. Living by himself after his relationship with a famous pianist, Aurore, falls apart he becomes a recluse, sleeps constantly and is not looking after himself. Drink and drugs become his only company.

Life is an adventure and Tom needs one to get his life kick started again. So when one wet and windy evening Billie, a fictional character from Toms novels, appears outside on his veranda his life is thrown into a whirlwind of activity, growth and realization. Billie is desperate to return to her world and Tom is desperate to win back Aurore.

This is a novel that really does take you on the journey with the characters. With interesting characters, and an interesting twist in that Tom’s creation, Billie, is the one who manages to remove him from his medicated stupor. This is a novel that you have to read and is a perfect book to get you back into reading. It revitalizes you. Makes you look at your life and recognize how enhance it.

4 out of 5


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