Junk By Melvin Burgess

Junk is a novel that got a lot of publicity when it came out and was a novel which my school used to get more reluctant readers to read and also a way to engage those classes which were deemed ‘problem classes’.

I never picked up Junk until my school days were far behind me and now understand why my school used it the way it did.

Junk is a young adult novel which shows the true nature of drug use and life on the streets. It explains, without elaboration, the downward spiral as the characters leave home and delve into a life ruled by heroin.

A fast paced novel which does not pull cotton wool over the eyes of the readers and looks at both the good and the bad of heroin use.

This is a novel which all teens should read – both those at risk or drug use, homelessness, pregnancy and abuse, and those who these issues do not really affect. Both groups can learn a lot. Understanding, warning, options, risks, reality.Also a novel that adults should read, may will be shocked but it may make you understand some of the reasons behind drug use and the factors that lead people to and and the factors which make it near impossible to escape.

Some young readers may be put off at the thickness of the novel, but don’t be. The pace of this book allows you to get through it very quickly. The novel is written from two view points and thus gives a fuller understanding of different experiences with heroin.

I am going to give this novel a 4 out of 5 because it is very interesting, engaging and brings true grittiness to the young adult genre.


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