Room By Emma Donoghue

  Room was one of those novels that when I read the first review in a magazine I knew I would have to read it! Room has won several awards and been shortlisted for quite a few as well! And deservedly so.

Jack was born in Room. Room is all Jack knows. Ma tries. But some days Jack has to occupy himself. Ma has bad days where she hides under the covers and doesn’t move, say or do anythings.

Ma decides that now Jack is old enough and that it is time for them to escape.

This is a book that will keep you turning the pages. A read in one sitting novel.

Do they manage to escape? How would they react to the fast changing world that Ma once lived? Why were they in Room?

A very interesting psychological thriller about the captive life of a woman and her son.

Sometimes ‘Room’ is difficult to read as it is narrated by Jack who is only 5-years-old, but that is what makes this a standout novel. Jack does not see anything wrong with Room. Room is his world. Has everything him and his Ma need. Yes the man sometimes comes. He doesn’t like him but his Ma hides him away whenever he is there.

How would a child develop after being locked away indoors all his life? What will his body not be able to cope with?

As you read this novel you know the author has done her research into such case studies. A well researched and enthralling read that gives you a real understanding of such a tragic situation. With an uplifting ending without ignoring the true uphill struggle both Ma and Jack have to pursue.

4.5 out of 5


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