Do you think your clever? : The Oxford and Cambridge Questions By John Fardon

  Right this is a bit different to my usual books that I review on here but hey ho. And also a short and simple review!

This books gives example answers to those tricky Oxford and Cambridge entry interview questions. The author goes about answer these questions even though most often there is not a truly correct answer. But many different answers which show how you think. The aim of these questions is for these universities to be able to recognise those who think outside the box.

This is a book which you jump in and out off, rather than reading continuously. It is an excellent way to create discussions and in some cases quieten that relative who always thinks they are right!

If you are interested in education and want something to read or spark discussion this is a fit for purpose. An excellent Christmas gift for the intellect in the family!

4 out of 5 for me due to the diversity and talking points such a book brings. Reminding us we don’t know the answers. Most often we only know several possible ‘best fit’ answers – if we even know that! A book to get you thinking and wondering!


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