Review Books to be Read

Review books I need to get read! (have read the ones that are ticked

The Asylum – 14th March 2013

Accidents Happen – 25th June 2013
Bloodspell – 1st June 2011
Thin Space – 10th September 2013
Concealed – 15th October 2011
Mila 2.0 – 28th March 2013
Last Chance for Justice – 1st May 2013
Chocolate-Covered Baloney – 13th November 2012
The Sea of Tranquility – 4th June 2013
My Dead Friend Sarah – 21st April 2012
This is How I Save my Life – 8th January 2013
If You Find Me – 26th Mach 2013
Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares – 5th October 2012
Send – 1st August 2012
Rape Girl – 15th August 2012
A Cold and Lonely Place – 5th February 2013
The Mad Scientist’s Daughter 7th February 2013

A shimmer of Angels – 29th January 2013


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