Book Buying Ban

A slightly late Happy New Year!!!

So I have never really ‘do’ New Years Resolutions much now. However, this year there is one New Years Resolution I am making – I am not going to buy any books for a year!

This is going to be a challenge. A real challenge. But it is something I need to do. Many book bloggers buy a lot of books. Many book bloggers have TBR piles that could last them for years. I am one of these people.

As you will have seen I have decided to attempt two TBR pile challenges. I am hoping that this will allow me to focus and get through some of the books that I already own. Books are there to be read. If you are buying books faster than you can read them, what is the point? Yes, I have got to that stage. My shelves are lined with beautiful books, but I don’t know the beauty that lies between the covers.

When I am tempted to buy a book I am going to read this list of reasons NOT to buy the book(s).

  • I don’t NEED the book, I have plenty to read at home.
  • I can’t afford to buy the book(s).
  • There are more important things my money needs to be spent on.
  • There is no justification to buy new books.
  • I am running out of space in my flat!

So what are your tips to help me achieve this goal? Are you doing a book buying ban for part of this year?

Let me know!

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