Emma’s Secret By Steena Holmes

Title: Emma’s Secret (Finding Emma #2)

Author: Steena Holmes

First Published: 25th June 2013

Publisher: Amazon Publishing/Self Published


For two years, Megan, Peter, and their two older daughters, Alexis and Hannah, dream of nothing but being reunited with the family’s youngest child, Emma, who was kidnapped just before her third birthday. When Emma is miraculously found living with an elderly couple just miles from the family’s home, they are hopeful that her return will heal the wounds her disappearance created.

But Emma is vastly different from the sunny toddler they remember. She barely remembers her parents or her older sisters. She is quiet and withdrawn, and, worst of all, longs for the very people who kidnapped her.

Megan is consumed with bitterness, while Peter works later and later nights in the company of his gorgeous business partner. And in the middle of everything, Megan’s best friend has become suddenly distant and secretive.

Then a chance encounter in town leads to a secret that changes everything again for Emma. And Peter must decide between the happiness of his youngest daughter and the trust of his family. (From Goodreads, 25th May 2014)


The second book in the Finding Emma duo-logy(?) which tells the story of Emma’s return to her family. However, family isn’t always just about blood relatives. Emma is finding it hard, as are her parents and sisters, to readjust to their new life.

This novel is an excellent depiction of the complexities of family and human emotions. It shows a family so close to breaking, and a young child so unable to be happy with her ‘family’. I really enjoyed both this and ‘Finding Emma’ and must disagree with some very critical reviews which I had read on Goodreads. This is a series that although you do know what will happen and may be similar to some other novels of a similar nature it still is a read that demonstrates the authors understanding of human emotions and further the skill to communicate with beautiful prose.

A duo-logy (?) for the summer months. I read this book straight after ‘Finding Emma’ and really really enjoyed them. I know these novels are maybe not the most original but they are still enjoyable reads that gripped me, and kept my attention.

3.5 out of 5

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