Book Buying Ban

A slightly late Happy New Year!!!

So I have never really ‘do’ New Years Resolutions much now. However, this year there is one New Years Resolution I am making – I am not going to buy any books for a year!

This is going to be a challenge. A real challenge. But it is something I need to do. Many book bloggers buy a lot of books. Many book bloggers have TBR piles that could last them for years. I am one of these people.

As you will have seen I have decided to attempt two TBR pile challenges. I am hoping that this will allow me to focus and get through some of the books that I already own. Books are there to be read. If you are buying books faster than you can read them, what is the point? Yes, I have got to that stage. My shelves are lined with beautiful books, but I don’t know the beauty that lies between the covers.

When I am tempted to buy a book I am going to read this list of reasons NOT to buy the book(s).

  • I don’t NEED the book, I have plenty to read at home.
  • I can’t afford to buy the book(s).
  • There are more important things my money needs to be spent on.
  • There is no justification to buy new books.
  • I am running out of space in my flat!

So what are your tips to help me achieve this goal? Are you doing a book buying ban for part of this year?

Let me know!

Book Buying Ban

I have decided to go on a book buying ban. I know many of us in the book blogging world have done this at some point? I have decided that I have far too many unread books on my shelf to justify buying any more. So I know I don’t get many comments on here but I thought that maybe people could start commenting with their tips and tricks at succeeding at a book buying ban, including what broke the book buying ban.

As a collective we can start a book buying ban hits and tips guide.

One idea that came to mind is that for every 10 books I read I can buy 1. Yes that is very dramatic, but I have over 80 tree books needing read, never mind the kindle books I have!

So I have decided to go cold turkey, no new books until I have read all that have not been read. Dramatic? Yes. Sensible? Yes. Achievable? Not so sure.

I have written a list of the first books I am going to read. And try to stick to this list and be more structured with my reading. Will this help? Well lets call it an experiment, and we can try and see.

I have noticed others have started using a ‘book jar’ idea (can someone let me know who started this so I can give credit where credit is due?) Here people are putting the titles of books they have to read that are on their shelves, ones that they keep putting off from reading. They will pull one (or more) titles out of the jar, and that is a book they have to read that week or month. This is a good idea to start working through some of the books that have been gathering dust on the shelves but doesn’t stop us from buying more books.

Here is my list of books to read first:

  1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest By Ken Kesey
  2. Someone Else’s Life By Katie Dale
  3. Mila 2.0 By Debra Driza
  4. Witch Light By Susan Fletcher
  5. Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn
  6. The Future of Us By Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler
  7. Concealed By Sang Krohma
  8. Ink Spell By Cornelia Funke
  9. Sister By Rosamund Lupton
  10. Adorkable By Sarra Manning

This list includes the last of my Netgalley books to read, well nearly. I feel that getting on top of books I have received to review is a priority. I know some people give away some ARC copies when they don’t have time to read all that they have received.

To create the above list I tried to pick a variety of genres to keep things mixed up so I don’t get fed up, which I typically do if I stick to the same genre. After I have read these books I will create another list which include the books I am in the mood to read then.

Something that is helping me is having by books that need read on display. It’s like a moth to the flame, them all sitting there screaming “read me!” This is what has made me realise that books are there to be read, not hoarded in the hope you will get round to them.

This is a challenge that I can see going into next year. It is a challenge that will take a great deal of self control. But it is something that has to be done. It is a step away from consumerism, and a step into many worlds that have been in my house without being explored.

I know I can do this. I have a system with DVD’s/Blue-Rays in which I have watched all the ones I own, only buying a few at a time and not buying any more unless they have been watched.

Part of this challenge is going to be avoiding the bargains on Amazon, especially the Kindle bargains. The other thing is The Works, it is like a candy shop is to a child to me. Supermarket book deals….again must avoid! Watching book hauls….this is something I am not going to avoid! But if I see a book that sounds up my street, it goes on a list, a list in which I can only buy off if I finish reading all the books I currently own! UNLESS I get book vouchers, or get asked what I would like as a present. This means that I can get my hands on a few books, maybe to complete series, or a book that I really really want, during this time but know that it isn’t going to be many. It means that there is a chance to get a hold of a book that I am pining for but without potentially breaking my ban, which if I do will just result it breaking it badly and buying a ton of books!

So guys! I am asking you to please help me with any hints and tips you can think off?

Appologies this is a bit jumbled but I just have to get my thoughts out there. I want to see what advice you have.