Down Among the Dead Men: A Year in the Life of a Mortuary Technician By Michelle Williams

   Ever wondered what Morticians are like? How can they do such a morbid job? The unseen part of the hospital. Well if you have (or haven’t) this is an excellent read!

Michelle Williams applies for a job as a Mortuary Technician and to her surprise is taken on. She takes us through the beginning of her work, learning the ropes and hearing stories from the two other Mortuary Technicians and the pathologists who come in all shapes, sizes and personalities!

This is a journey with amusing stories and some sad. It opens up to the world what is an often forgotten and unseen job which many of us could not do. The problems they face and deal with by using puns and joking, yet having complete respect for the deceased and their families.

This explains the life in the mortuary with all the smells, sounds, fun and sadness. An interesting and educating novel for all those interested in medical issues and have a good sense of humor.