Halfway House

    This is a fantastic novel with a real insight into mental illness. When Angie jumps into the deep end of the swimming pool and doesn’t resurface everyone knows something is seriously wrong.

This novel looks at the family ties which reach breaking point when dealing with Angie’s Bipolar Disorder. It is unique in looking at all family members view points and the path their lives take along with Angie’s deviation off the planned path.

I think this is an example of a well researched book showing a great understanding of mental illness. The story pulls you in right from the beginning and keeps bringing in twists and turns just like life does.

This story is not just for those interested in mental illness, it is for those who like drama and a close look at relationship dynamics.

An interesting novel for both adults and young adults alike.
A five star book and one which I know I will read more than once (which is a rare thing for me!)