Before I go to Sleep By S. J. Watson

   Before I Go To Sleep took my attention as I am a Psychology student and am very interested in memory loss. It was featured on ‘The TV Book Club’ and after watching their reviews and hearing many good things I eventually got myself a copy on my Kindle.

Imagine waking up every morning and not knowing where you are. Not knowing the person lying next to you. Not recognizing the hands that are apparently yours. Looking in a mirror and realizing you are not as young as you should be. For many people this is a reality. Those who are unable to create new memories. Having someone, someone you don’t recognize having to show you pictures each morning and explain what happened and that they are in fact your husband, that you both love each other.

Christine, our protagonist, has to deal with this.

Christine’s husband has left for work and she hears a phone ringing, but it isn’t the mobile that her husband had left her with. It is a doctor. A doctor telling her she has a diary hidden. So she spends the day reading the entries and adding to it. Through these entries the story progresses. We learn more about Christine’s life and the truth behind the accident that caused her amnesia.

This is a well researched novel and you get a true insight into the destruction amnesia can cause to someones life. Along with this there is a thriller that speeds up the further through the novel you get. It is an excellent idea however what stops me saying it is fantastic is that it is slightly too repetitive (which is the problem with amnesia stories I guess) but if you look past this then it is an amazing story with great ideas and keeps you questioning until near the end!

4 out of 5